Saturday, July 16, 2011


Going Paleo is far from easy. Last night my husband and I were invited to a 15 year wedding vow renewal. We had a fabulous time!  Whenever I go anywhere, and I mean, anywhere my focus is on the food. I could be in a gas station in the middle of nowhere and I will searching for the best possible morsels of food in the three little aisles at Arco.

Last night we were served a gorgeous mexican buffet. I know what you are all thinking, mexican... tough. And yes it was. My husband who subscribes to the Mark Sisson Primal lifestyle made out better than I did at the buffet. I need to live strict dairy free Paleo. I made a meal of the taco lettus, meat, and salsa. It was actually quite good. Last night's dinner reminded me again why I need to get my food out to the world. Imagine a Paleo buffet table at your cousin's wedding, Paleo style restaurants, or a Paleo bakery! Wouldn't that be amazing!

I can cook. Actually I can cook really well. I once wanted to be a pastry chef before sugar, grain and vegetable oil made me a puddle of humanity who had to drag my sick self to the doctor every 30 days.  I do Paleo cooking pretty darn well. According to my children I can bake Paleo style with rather tasty results.  I am here to share my cooking and with a little luck inspire everyone to live a life long Paleo lifestyle.

Stay tuned ...

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