Sunday, July 17, 2011

Temecula Olive Oil Company

Raise your hand if you like drinking olive oil shots? You don't? Really. Why not? Oh, it's because you have never had olive oil good enough to drink. Shame. Most people have that problem. I did, dear reader, I did. When I visited the Temecula Olive Oil company several months ago the thought of taking a gulp of plain olive oil was anything but attractive. Being the adventurous type and surrounded by my wine drinking buddies I had to try. I am the wine drinking buddy wrangler and had managed to watch my friends drink who knows how many glasses of wine over one weekend in the Temecula Wine Country. I felt left out. So when we ventured into Temecula Olive Oil I had to... well.. drink something.. you know to prove my womanhood or something like that. I discovered in that first sip of pure olive oil that olives are truly amazing little fruits that can produce smooth flavorful oils that don't have a bitter aftertaste.

Keep in mind that the olives used are all California grown and the balsamic is made in house. Everything is fresh and delicious.  I left that first day with a very large and heavy bag of oil and vinegar and big huge happy grin on my face. Because you know stuff like olive oil makes me all twitterpated and giddy.

Since that fateful afternoon we have been back three times. Today we were fortunate enough to try the Temecula Valley blend and the Pecante Pepper. The Temecula Valley blend is very earthy with a hint of heat. This oil is produced from the winter harvest and has very different qualities from your typical olive oil. The Pecante Pepper is made with crushed jalapeno peppers. When I first tried it I assumed I was in for something hot and painful. Instead I was met with the crisp taste of green bell pepper followed by a little heat. The lovely lady who served us our oil suggested the Pecante for coleslaw. I adore cabbage and slaws so I had to bring the Pecante home. We also purchased the Rotture di Oro based on the recommendation of our daughter. The Rotture has a excellent herby finish. It is how olive oil should taste.  I can't wait to use these amazing oils on my salads and warm vegetables.

We also brought home some of the amazing Vanilla/Fig balsamic and my personal favorite the California Honey. I use the vinegars on all my salads and I even use the California honey when I make meringue.

Today's purchases...

You can purchase these and many other incredible olive oils from the Temecula Olive Oil Company at They ship all over and are well worth the price. If you join their club you get 10% off every time you order and will receive olive oil shipments to your home four times a year.  I finally joined and can't wait for my first box to arrive.

They also make amazing soap!!

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